1. Where do I send my iPod, iPhone or iPad for service/repair?

National Iphone Repair, LLC
Attn: Brad Hagemeyer
1813 Zumbehl Rd.
St. Charles, MO.  63303

2. How do I ship my device for repair?

Use a sturdy box and surround your device with the appropriate packaging materials (peanuts, bubble wrap) so that your device will not be damaged in transit. We accept shipments via any carrier; UPS, USPS, Fed-Ex and DHL. Please do not include accessories such as cases, earphones or cables, these may not be returned to you. Also, it is not recommended that you ship your device in its original box, this box may not be returned to you. Please make sure to include your invoice or contact information, especially when shipping via UPS or FedEx. Your name and address may not be printed on the box if you use these carriers.

3. How does your repair process work?

Simply purchase the  Service’ from our website. Upon completion of your order, an invoice will be emailed to you. Print this invoice and send it along with your device to address above. Once we receive your device you will be emailed a ‘product condition’ describing the condition in which we received your device. If you believe that the description does not accurately match the condition in which you sent the device to us, please let us know immediately. Once your device is processed, it will be sent to a technician for repair or diagnosis. If a diagnosis is needed, you will receive a diagnosis report directly from the technician which may include the cost of any additional parts needed for repair. After a diagnosis is completed, we will wait for a response from you about your repair. You can approve the repair by paying the invoice sent to you or making payment by phone. If you wish to decline the repair, please contact us by phone or email. Once payment is made you repair will be completed and your device will be shipped back to you. If you decline the repair, we will ship your device back to you.

4. What if the ‘Product Condition’ description is inaccurate?

Please let us know immediately if you feel it is not a proper description. Also please understand that this description also helps the technician, so we try to as accurate and thorough as possible. Don’t be alarmed if the descriptions says, “won’t power up”, many times a dead battery is causing this issue.

5. Will I lose the data on my device when installing replacement parts?

Typically no, you will not lose your data replacing basic parts on your device. In some cases the device may need to be restored to complete the repair successfully, in these situations your data will be erased from your device. If your device's hard drive needs to be replaced, you will lose the data on the device.

6. What forms of payment do you accept?

We gladly accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and  American Express.

7. Do you buy broken iPods, iPhones or iPads?

Yes. We are interested in purchasing devices in working or partially working condition. If you are interested in selling a device to National Iphone Repair, please send it to us with a description of its condition and your contact information. We will have a technician evaluate it and estimate its value. We will contact you with an offer to purchase the device and send you a check if you accept. If you decline the offer, we will ship the device back to you.